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What do you know about Jesus?  Do you want to discover new things, unveil mysteries, and deepen your understanding about Jesus? Then join me, Shirley Mitchell, on the adventure of Jesus Lives. On the left, listen to my invitation.


By the end of this 10-week study, you will have a fresh revelation of Jesus and greater intimacy with God. Find out what hundreds of people are experiencing through Jesus Lives.

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As I write to teach about Jesus, I pray one simple prayer.  I ask God to speak to you - specifically about your life so you can know Him and bring Him glory. I want you to know Him and to make Him know.  You can view my devotions page on the site for today's devotions or subscribe to receive them by email. If these devotions bless you, then I suggest you sign up to receive them regularly and get more involved with what God is doing at Christ Compels. 

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Are you ready to understand God and His Word in a new way?  The reason why I wake up early and go to my closet to pray and study God's Word is because He is the number one desire of my life.  I spend extra time there to prepare to teach so that you can know Him, too, and know who you really are because of Jesus Messiah.   Through on-line bible studies, daily devotions, conferences, and of course, the power of God, I teach you the truths about His Word so that you will have a deeper relationship with God through His Son Jesus.  Beloved, is this your desire also?  If so, then join me as we discover the truths of God's precious Word together.

Blessings to you!